I build modern, mobile-ready websites using HTML5, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.


I use semantic HTML5 markup and modern CSS3 stylesheets driven by Sass & Less to create beautiful, cross-browser compatible websites that are great for your users and still easy to maintain.


I'm a JavaScript pro who knows his way around feature-rich libraries like jQuery and AngularJS, that allow for out-of-the-box web solutions for real-world problems.


I use Bootstrap on pretty much all of my projects, so your site is built with mobile in mind right from the start. One responsive design works seamlessly on devices of all shapes and sizes.

About Me

I'm a problem solving front-end developer specializing in providing angular-driven web pages and applications. I have over six years experience working in-house and with a wide range of international clients providing out-of-the-box solutions to real world problems.
Rob turned out some truly exceptional work for several projects that we worked on together. Not only did he perform incredibly under pressure, but the work he turned out was imaginative, communicative and showed a mastery of both typography and iconography. His skills would be an asset to any project. His exceptional mind for general marketing and communications combined with sound judgment make him an asset outside the design arena as well. An excellent teammate.
Tom Pettit
Senior Research Advisor at Wellington City Council


I don't just freelance, I'm a full-time front end dev for eadms, a company that provides next-gen, web-based, assessment and data management software for K-12 schools. Most of my work there sits behind an NDA but every now and then I get to share something. In this case, it happens to be our public-facing marketing site. Eadms has been expanding quickly, so with that growth came the need to shift away from word-of-mouth marketing and into a more sales-driven approach.

At our heart, we're a tech company but we had to be mindful to keep our site inviting to teachers and school administrators. So in the end, we went with a clean, modern look that achieved both of those goals.


Here's a fun little project that never quite saw the light of day – but I'm pretty happy with how the design and illustration turned out so I'm going to share it here despite that. I've anonymized the details and replaced the text with lorem ipsum, but here's the basic crux of the project:

My client had been running a niche printing business for a number of years, and with quite a bit of success. They'd gotten by all that time without any real web presence but felt it was time to start reaching clients online. They requested a single-page, responsive design that would work just as well on a mobile phone as it would on a desktop. Furthermore, they had something whimsical in mind that would be inviting to potential customers while illustrating their global reach.

Rob has demonstrated the ability to articulate ideas effectively through verbal, written, and visual forms making him an asset to all of marketing and/or design initiatives he had the opportunity to collaborate on. Rob executed each project with both a high level of creativity and a genuine sense of enthusiasm. He was always a source of positive energy both professionally and personally, making him a great addition to our team.
Jessica Fritz
Digital Marketing Coordinator at Michigan Lottery

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